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Post Section / Play Off draws
Good luck to all that are representing the club over the coming week.
If you can make it to support the teams, I’m sure that they will be appreciative of your support.
Saturday 16 December:
Men’s Centre Fours v Methven @ Centre Green @ 9.00am
Woman’s Centre Fours v Halswell @ Burnside @ 9.00am
Sunday 17 December:
Men’s Div 1 Sevens v Canterbury 2017 @ Fendalton @ 9.00am
Sincock, Allison
McDonald, Schrader, B Young, M Young
Woman’s Div 2 Sevens v Woodend @ Parklands @ 9.00am
Rogers, Wylie
Skurr, Wentworth, Brown, Allison
Under 8 Fours Div 2 v Woodend @ Parklands 10.00am
Sampson, P DeGoldi, D DeGoldi, Rennie
Monday 18 December:
Vets double Pair’s v Elmwood 1 @ Centre Green @ 9.00am
Carroll, Pamment
Taylor Hooper
Other Notices:
Rotary - Potato’s available at club rooms from Thursday night.
2 kg bags, Cliff Kidney
$5.00 each





Executive Committee Press Release.

You will be aware that the green has developed bare patches over the last month.

Your Executive Committee would like to explain what the problem is and what it plans to do to rectify the problem.


Over the winter months Christchurch experienced a lot of rain which enabled the moss to flourish and Eric sprayed accordingly to eliminate this problem but it also created another issue.


Colobanthus is a weed that we don’t want in the green and it takes over the Cotula Manitotoa that our green is covered with. Spraying of the moss allowed Colobanthus to grow rampant. To combat the Moss problem Eric sprayed the affected areas.


Nematodes is smaller than a pin head type of grub that chews on the roots of the plant and can appear overnight in different areas of the green. To find out if your green is infected you have to take core samples and when Eric completed this exercise he found that Nematodes had infiltrated our green, contributing to the problem.

That is the back ground and this what we are going to do to try and rectify the situation.

5 month Plan

On Sunday the 3rd December the green will be closed at Midday until Wednesday the 6th December.

The green will be sprayed to help inhibit the Nematodes.

This spray is very toxic and so we would ask that members keep off any grassed area including banks during this period and after Wed please refrain from licking fingers and also please wash hands before eating and drinking.

Saturday the 23rd of December we will be having a working bee and will be calling on volunteers to give the green a mud bath.

The green will be closed until January the 6th or longer at the desecration of Eric. Please check our web site for opening.

We have difficulties at the moment with the cotula spreading due to the thatch and we believe the mud bath will help resolve this issue.

In the third week of April it is our intention to plain the green which is recommended by Sports Turf to remove excess thatch.

We have sought advice from Ron Sabin and NZSTI.

This problem is one that can crop up on any green at any time and your Executive believe this is the best solution to fix the problem.

If you wish to discuss any issues pertaining to this Press Release

Please contact Eric or Murray.





Registrations are now open for the above event which will be held Easter 2019.

Registration forms have been emailed to those who we have addresses for, copies are available at the clubrooms.


World Golden Oldies Bowls - April 2018

 Information available on:






Heartland Hotels